About Parvenu

par·ve·nu  /ˈpärvəˌn(y)o͞o/

Noun: A person of obscure origin who has gained wealth, influence, or celebrity.

Adjective: Having recently achieved, or associated with someone who has recently achieved wealth, influence, or celebrity despite obscure origins.

Synonyms: nouveau riche – vulgarian



Shortlisted for Judith Wright Poetry Prize 2018


Publications 2019

Meanjin (Aus)


Southerly (Aus)

Rabbit (Aus)

Barzakh online journal (US)  


The Menteur (France/UK)


Currently undertaking a Doctor of Arts at University of Sydney.

Almost finished a Masters of Creative Writing at University of Sydney. Nearly there! In July 2019 began Doctor of Arts at University of Sydney focusing on archival poetics.

My favourite poets right now are Kate Lilley, Evelyn Araluen, Bishop-Plath-Sexton, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Susan Howe, Caroline Bergvall, Francis Webb amongst others.


I teach singing part-time and homeschool my kid.


Here is a document. An artefact of experience and imagination. I’m concerned with enacted ideas and expressions of tacit knowledge and how to share them. I am working towards a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) at the University of Canberra. I am investigating creative cognition, thingness and mediation through poetic text, particularly using digital technology but not limited to it.

My favourite poets are Kenneth Slessor, Sylvia Plath, Francis Webb, Yusef Komunyakaa, Ken Nordine, Edward de Vere and Hollie McNish.

My favourite prose writers are Virginia Woolf, Edmund de Waal, Chloe Hooper, Kate Grenville and Christina Stead.

My favourites for other reasons no less important are Laurie Anderson, Pierre Bourdieu, Björk, Bob Dylan, Patty Griffin, John Cage, Laura Marling, Larry Kagan, Peter Beard, Emily Levine, Marina Abramović and Austin Kleon.


Parvenu will be devoted to a Creative Research project that is part of my Bachelor of Writing studies at the University of Canberra. At the moment the project has no boundaries and only vague thoughts about what sort of artefact will emerge from this investigation; whether it will take the form of a soundscape or a song cycle or a visual diary or a knitted wall hanging (I would first have to learn to knit). Right now I’m collecting here some short stories and songs that have been published elsewhere plus some new ones.

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